9th Annual 12th Night Giveaway: Finale

First of all…

Congratulations to Resa Haile, winner of the Strand Magazine grand prize!!!

And once again, thank you all for sticking with me and playing along. Of everyone who’s ever played, I think I’ve met three in person, but after all this time, I kind of feel like I know you, and I love seeing you back every year. This year’s giveaway has been different. For one thing, I don’t usually write vignettes–non-fiction tends to be my area. But this time, it seemed right, it was quicker, and it was just fun! For the other, I had all of my giveaway prizes lined up by early summer…or so I thought. When it came time to actually do the Giveaway, I had so many other ideas, and probably two-thirds of the prizes are not what I had planned. That being said, my New Year’s resolution is, as always, to have everything pre-planned and scheduled, so that 2021’s event–the 10th!–will come off as smoothly as possible.

Well, we see what he thinks of that.

So, have a very Happy New Year!! I hope to see you all before next December!

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