9th Annual 12th Night Giveaway: Day 13

The Boscombe Valley Mystery, with its twists and turns, blackmail, secret marriages, and sin come home to roost, had been quite wearing on Sherlock Holmes. Watson could not but wonder at his exclamation, “There, but for the grace of God goes Sherlock Holmes!” after the culprit made his confession. What connection could Holmes possibly see between his life and what seemed to Watson to be a sorry mess caused by the extremely poor choices made by just about everyone involved. Holmes was truly a great man to feel such compassion, his friend thought. He, himself, had had to resist the urge to wring a few necks and shout, “What were you thinking?” It was truly odd, and Watson thought he would keep his eyes open to more hints of the detective’s past.

He had thought they would go straight home to London, but instead they were in a hired hack, on their way to Ross-on-Wye, Lestrade with them.

“Is there a new case, Holmes? Did you receive a telegram?”

“No, no case, Watson.”

“Then why–?” Lestrade began. “You know the Yard is expecting me back, Holmes. I am sure I have a desk full of work waiting for me.”

“Which you will fumble, then pass along to me,” Holmes said. “So I do not see the hurry.”

Watson thought for a minute, then groaned. “Is this for one of your monographs, Holmes? I do not think I can bear collecting more grave soil samples. We’ll be shot one of these days.”

“Grave soil samples? Gentlemen, I cannot possibly participate in–” Lestrade began.

Holmes rolled his eyes. “Of course, not Watson! You were so spooked that night in Highgate that I have resolved never to take you again. I had wanted this to be a nice surprise, but I see I have no choice but to tell you of my plans.”

“Please do,” Watson and Lestrade said in unison. They were still nervous.

“I have decided to undertake a small experiment to settle a controversial matter.”


“Good lord, Holmes, what–“

“I wish to see which is better for trout fishing: the wet or the dry fly.”

Today’s Question:

Which Rathbone/Bruce film features a scene of Holmes and Watson fishing, and where are theY?

Today’s Prize:

This is an earlier biography of Conan Doyle, published in 1983. It’s a nice copy, with some shelf-wear and smudges on the bottom edges of the pages. I’ve not read it, but would be happy to know what you think about it!

As always, for your chance to win, send in your answers via blog comment, or message the Well-read Sherlockian FB page!


Congratulations to our Day 12 winner, Shalom Bresticker! He knew that, according to FINA, Moriarty complained about being “incommoded” by Holmes on January 23, 1891

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