9th Annual 12th Night Giveaway: Day 12 (ish).

“Did you get them?”

“Of course, brother.”

“Then give them to me.”

“Oh, come now, Mycroft, don’t you want to hear–“

“I said, give them to me!”

Sherlock Holmes complied. After all, it was an order from the British Government.

“And you are sure no one saw you?”

“Of course not! You know I am–“

“Good. And you must tell no one of this. Not even Dr. Watson.”

“You have my word.”

“Thank you, Holmes. Because of you, the Marquis of Salisbury’s return to Parliament will be a safe one. We shall have the would-be assassins rounded up by nightfall.”

“All except one.”

“Just a little longer, brother. Just a little longer.”

“I still do not see why you–“

“There are many things I cannot tell you, my boy. But I do plan to call on you when it is time.”

“Then I’ll be content with that. I’ll show myself out.”

Walking home from the Diogenes Club, Sherlock Holmes chuckled to himself as he thought of what would meet James Moriarty that afternoon, when he returned to his room at the Langham Hotel. First of all, of course, his plans for assassinating the Prime Minister would be gone, vanished from their hiding place behind the water-closet tank. Secondly….well, plumber William Escott had, perhaps, not done the best job with the pipes in the professor’s room. Hopefully, his adversary had stuck to a simple diet today…or he would be seriously “incommoded” indeed!

One day, he would tell Watson!

I have never been to the Sherlock Holmes Museum in London, but apparently, this is the lavatory at 221B

Today’s Question:

Given what you know from the Canon, on what date did this decidedly extra-canonical “adventure” occur?

And today’s prize–something Watson would appreciate:

As always, send your answer for the drawing in via blog comment, or message the Well-Read Sherlockian FB page!


Congratulations to James McArthur!!! He knew (as did quite a few other people), that the German woman knew to warn Mr. Hatherley to flee because she’d seen what had happened to the engineer who had been hired before him, Jeremiah Hayley.

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