6th Annual 12th Night Giveaway: Day 1


Are we there yet?

Well, we just went over three or four rivers, and through a couple of woods–and past acres and acres of fields–to Grandmother’s house…and back home again. This is the 17th year we’ve had a Christmas gathering at my in-laws’, and while I did my traditional “hide in the bathroom for some quiet” bit, I thought about how much has changed since then. The “children” of 2000 have all married, and two have (or will shortly have) children of their own. We now have three kids–and they’re no longer little. My mother-in-law has a “new” husband, and this is the second Christmas in which we won’t make a separate trip to visit my father-in-law; he passed away the summer before. Everyone but my mother-in-law has moved several times.  Several of us are noticeably grayer–and those who are not, color their hair. There’s a bit more talk of bad backs and hearing aids and blood sugar. The gold carpet gave way to white berber, which has given way to wood planks. But the house is the same one my husband grew up in. The turquoise tile, and the grandfather clock and the dishes and the roast beef are the same. There’s “floating island,” and my mother-in-law still makes bishop’s bread for Brad, crescents for Brian, and cherry balls for Brett.

On a warmer, and much scarier night, Sherlock Holmes looked at Dr John Watson and called him “a fixed point in a changing age.” Vincent Starrett wrote of “Always 1895.” The world changes and we change with it, but some things remain–the love we share with others, be they family, friends, pets, or the world at large. Here’s hoping that you can spend time with your own “fixed points,” either during this season, or in the New Year to come.


The only thing more saccharine than what you just read…..



Ok, that’s done. Now, let’s get to what you came here for…..



First of all, I think the rules are working well, so no tweaks there. You can find them at this link:



Second, this year, we have a theme: Canon Quotes.  I will give you a quote, and you need to tell me in which story it appears. You can give me more detail if you like, but the only important thing is that you get the story right. I don’t care how you go about this. If you’re a Sherlockian Quote Master, that’s awesome. If you read all of the stories to find the right one, that’s fantastic. If you do a search on you e-reader, wonderful. Just be sure to post you answers either here, or on the Well Read Sherlockian FB page (via PM). I am no longer very active on Twitter, so don’t go that route, however. If we are FB friends in real life, you can message me that way, too.

Now….Today’s quote…..

“There’s an east wind coming, Watson.”

“I think not, Holmes. It is very warm.”

Screen Shot 2017-12-23 at 11.58.35 PM

Rathbone and Bruce have that iconic exchange in “The Voice of Terror”–but that’s not the answer!

You’re all brilliant, so I know you’ll get it right. The winner of the drawing will receive….


A subscription to the Baker Street Journal–one of the Sherlockian world’s own “fixed points.” If you already have a subscription, yours may be renewed–or you can gift it to someone else. All the compliments of the season to you and yours, and happy hunting!!


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15 responses to “6th Annual 12th Night Giveaway: Day 1

  1. K.M.


    Those lines are originally from His Last Bow.

    Happy holidays! Best, Kristin


  2. Robert Perret

    This quote comes from His Last Bow. Thanks for running this great activity again! I will hold out for other prizes. Thank you!

  3. Oh boy, oh boy, one of my favorite Christmas things to do! (Bless you for doing this year after year; it really is a blast!)
    So… I’d like to gift the BSJ subscription to a friend (who lives outside the US—that’s okay, yes?).
    And today’s quote, of course, is from “His Last Bow,” and Holmes’s response to Watson is one of the sweetest lines from anywhere in the canon: “Good old Watson! You are the one fixed point in a changing age.” ❤

  4. shalombresticker

    His Last Bow, at the end.

  5. Claudia

    It’s from the very end of the last story: “His Last Vow”

  6. Jay Wigley

    Ah! One of my favorites: His Final Bow!

  7. “His Last Bow.” Chronologically, the last of Doyle’s Holmes story, although several were written afterward.

  8. Justa

    That quote about “an east wind” came from Doyle’s “His Last Bow.”

    Now, come what may, I look forward to the drawing so I can start my subscription to the Baker Street Journal! ; )

    Happy Christmas and wind-free 2018 to every Sherlockian!


  9. Jim McArthur

    The quoted statements appear at the very end of His Last Bow.

  10. Noreen Pazderski

    This quote is from His Last Bow…..one of the most melancholy parts of the canon……stand with me here upon the terrace. I love this theme! Merry Christmas to you and yours, and thank you for doing this.

  11. David Potter

    The quote is from “His Last Bow”. Holmes says it just before the “Good old Watson! You’re a fixed point in a changing age.” It’s one of my favorites in the canon, a testimony of Holmes relation with Watson. Happy Holidays…and thanks for bringing the contest back!