Changes are Afoot with a New Review Policy!

So many books, so little time....

                 So many books, so little time….


When I first started this blog, I was very ambitious. I honestly thought that I could, in a few decades, read and review every Sherlock Holmes pastiche out there–at least, that was the goal. The very next year, however, thanks to the Robert Downey, Jr. movie and the arrival of BBC’s Sherlock, there was a veritable explosion of new Holmes books, and I came to realize that there was no way I could ever read them all, so I revised my goals: I would introduce my readers to new authors, celebrated classics–and the occasional oddball story. I had fun with this, but it wasn’t long before the demands of family and my own writing life started to make writing reviews as thoroughly as I like, less and less achievable. For the past few years, I’ve barely been able to put up more than two, if that. Review requests have gone unanswered as I try to cover, at least, books from larger markets, which is truly unfair to those writers. I love my blog, and I want other writers, no matter who their publishers, to have the same chances to find readers that I’ve been given.

So I’ve come up with a solution.

I may not be able to read your book, but who knows it better than you? I have included a list of interview questions at the link. If you would like your book to be featured on this blog, please read the review policy at the link. If you fit the criteria, select the interview questions you wish to answer, and send them to me, along with an image of your book (and an optional photo of yourself) at the email address provided. Please be sure you follow the guidelines. If I find that your book is not about Sherlock Holmes, or falls into the exceptional gore/explicit sex categories, I’ll delete the post. Featuring your book in this manner does not guarantee that I will review it–but I may at some point. It doesn’t constitute an endorsement of any kind, but you are free to share the link. It is my hope that in this way, you’ll be able to reach more readers, make more connections and, well, have more fun as an author. Because writing is super hard work–but it should be fun as well.

Here’s the link:


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