5th Annual 12th Night Giveaway: Day 7


My guy, a long, long time ago….

(Please note: the following article is firmly tongue-in-cheek, and I know my husband had a lovely childhood.)

I first met my now-husband at Westside church of Christ, when we were both about six years old. We dated a little in high school, before we were separated by college, and the fact that I was much more mature.  No, really!!

But although I have known him pretty much my entire life, when we began dating again, I was surprised to hear that he had had a childhood of shocking deprivation. For example, although he got to watch far more bad 70’s television than I ever did, his parents didn’t get a color set until he was in high school. This meant that, when “The Wizard of Oz” came on every year, and the rest of us saw those sepia-toned Kansas plains transform into this…,


he just saw this….


I know. It kind of misses the point.

And while my brothers had a heap of Star Wars toys, like this…


(Not my actual brothers)

The only Star Wars “toy” he ever owned until adulthood, was something like this:


(His mom taught art.)

But perhaps the saddest thing he told me was that he was never allowed to read comic books. Why?  Because they weren’t “real books.”


I promise you, Spiderman in the early 80’s was exceedingly literate.

Therefore, in honor of my husband, and of graphic literature in general, today’s prize is a collection of Sherlock Holmes-related comic books. First, we start with an older example:


(From 1975)

Next, BBC’s Sherlock gets a turn:


All six issues are included, but not all cover variations–you’re welcome to try for them on your own!

And finally, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s new “Mycroft Holmes” series. I only have the first three issues of this (a fourth has since been released), and please note: THIS COMIC IS RATED FOR MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY!  I haven’t opened or read any of these, in order to keep them in excellent condition (obviously), so I’m not sure where the rating comes from, but I don’t think it would be a great gift for your 10 year-old.


Again, these comics are all bagged and boarded and have not been read by me. For the newer ones, this means “ever,” and I have no idea about the DC book. If you’re thinking about branching out into comics, or if you’re already suffering from that particular mania and wanna see some more, send in your answer to the following question for your chance to win:

“God help us!” said Holmes after a long silence. “Why does fate play such tricks with poor, helpless worms? I never hear of such a case as this that I do not think of Baxter’s words, and say, ‘There, but for the grace of God, goes Sherlock Holmes'”

Now, obviously, “Sherlock Holmes” is an addition, but where in the Canon does this quote appear?  Who is Baxter? Could Holmes have the wrong attribution?

It’s a snowy, blustery evening up here. I hope some brainwork will keep you warm!




Congratulations to Gary Henderson, winner of the Elementary S4 DVD! “Elementary” has become a more hotly contested prize every year, which is fun to see.

All entrants pointed out that “Journeys end in lovers’ meetings” is from, well, Shakespeare’s “12th Night,” and that Holmes says it to Colonel Moran in “The Empty House.” Jim McArthur pointed out that Holmes actually misquotes the line (or Watson miswrites it), as it should be “Journeys end in lovers meeting.” Claire Danes wondered if Holmes was inspired to use it given that Colonel Moran’s first name is Sebastian, and “Sebastian” is a character in 12th Night. Claire Daines also pointed out that Holmes uses the same quote when Gregson shows up in “The Adventure of the Red Circle,” which is amusing.







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2 responses to “5th Annual 12th Night Giveaway: Day 7

  1. Jim McArthur

    It was 10:45 PM yesterday and I was about to turn in for the night, when Holmes informed me that a four-wheeler had just dropped off a parcel for me: the comic books! Thank you, Leah! 🙂

  2. Jim McArthur

    And another one arrived today! 🙂