12th Night Giveaway: Day 6

Christmas break is so awesome…before Christmas. Then, suddenly, it’s over, and unless you were fortunate to go on vacation somewhere sunny and warm, you’re stuck in the house for at least another week of cold, gray days. When I was a kid, we spent that time driving my parents (or at least my mother) absolutely bonkers, and that’s pretty much how my day is going right now…. But at night, I can send them up to bed and my husband and I can do something our parents never dreamed of: binge-watch.

Nope, back in the ’70’s, we had things like this:

abc friday night movie

We kids were so not allowed to watch these…

Later, there was “Must-see TV,”  HBO, and Cinemax. Still later, videos, boxed sets, and “On Demand.”  Now, thanks to Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, and who knows what services, we can watch virtually whatever we want, whenever we want…for as long as we want. No more “next week, on The Incredible Hulk.” We can skip to next week,the week after, the week after that…and some series just drop an entire season at once. We may need to remember to move once in awhile, to avoid those pesky DVTs, but hey…there’s something cosy about spending a cold winter night curled up on the couch with the one you love, watching thirteen straight hours of Sherlock Holmes….

A joy that can be yours for answering this question…..

Sherlock Holmes demonstrates a facility with languages in the Canon. Give three examples–including the language (quotes are good), and the story in which the example appears.

The person who wins the drawing will receive, for their binge-watching pleasure….


Whoa. JLM is looking very Paget-y here, isn’t he?

This series is only available as a DVD. I will try to accommodate regions if possible.

As always, to enter the drawing, send in your answers via Twitter DM, Facebook PM, or blog comment. And try to get some exercise!



Congratulations to Jim McArthur, winner of a copy of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s “Mycroft Holmes.” His list of Canon spies: Parker the Garroter (who spied on Holmes in EMPT); Cartwright, the boy who spied on Watson in HOUN; Eduardo Lucas (SECO) and Sherlock Holmes–who as ‘Altamonte” turned the tables on VonBork and Co. in LAST.

Other spies mentioned by participants were:

Von Bork, a German spy (LAST)
Birdy Edwards (VALL)
Hugo Oberstein (BRUC)
Fred Porlock (VALL)
Louis La Rothiere (BRUC)
Adolph Meyer (BRUC)

Mycroft would be proud.




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2 responses to “12th Night Giveaway: Day 6

  1. Jim McArthur

    I’m delighted to have won Mr. Jabbar’s book on Mycroft! And thank you, Leah, for running this most enjoyable quiz. 🙂

  2. Jim McArthur

    My prize arrived today: beautifully wrapped for the Season, and in pristine condition. My thanks again to you!