12th Night Giveaway: Day 5

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“I heard you might have some holiday leftovers. A goose, perhaps?”

All of this talk of holiday dinners makes one think, quite naturally, of Mycroft. The oldest Holmes brother seems to be coming into his own of late. He plays an important role in the lives of both 21st century Sherlocks, and inspires a great deal of speculation in the world of fan fiction. This year, he even inspired a new pastiche of his own. Mycroft Holmes, written by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Anna Waterhouse, was released to excellent reviews just this past September. I hope to review it in the blog shortly, but I will say this–Mycroft Holmes didn’t always just stick to his “rails.”

In both Elementary and Sherlock, Mycroft is part of MI6; in “The Bruce-Partington Plans,” his younger brother informs Watson that, when required, “he is the British Government.” His affiliations and activities occasionally bring Sherlock into the world of international intrigue, even in the Canon. Hence, today’s question:

Give the names of four spies found in the Canon, along with the stories in which they are mentioned or appear.

If you are successful in your mission (and I draw your name) you will receive as your reward….

mycroft holmes book


So, as per usual, send your answers in via Twitter DM, Facebook PM, or blog comment, and I’ll announce the winner tomorrow!



Congratulations to Resa Haile, winner of the Mr. Holmes Blu-Ray and a copy of “A Slight Trick of the Mind,” the novel upon which it is based. Lots of birds showed up in the submitted entries, including….

Canaries (Wilson, their notorious trainer)–BLAC
Bitterns (booming ones)–HOUN
Woodcock and pheasant (cooked)–NOBL
Buzzards (circling)–STUD

..and then people got creative, mentioning Holmes’s “hawk-like” profile, the use of owl hoots as signals in STUD, Lestrade declaring he was no chicken, Watson being the “stormy petrel of crime,” and the 38 jailbirds of GLOR.

Well done, all!


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