12th Night Giveaway: Day 4


“I had call upon my friend Sherlock Holmes upon the second morning after Christmas…”


And so begins one of the most beloved stories in the Canon. “The Blue Carbuncle” has everything: 221Banter,  amazing deductions, a bold crime,  a wrongful accusation, justice, and mercy, all tied up in a brilliant blue bow, with no slush allowed but what might be on the sidewalks.

It is December, after all.

winter ice thaw.jpg


But, at least we’re not BLUE’s central character: the goose. Which brings us to today’s question….

List three times in which a bird is mentioned in the Canon–be sure to give the type of bird, and the story in which it is found. (And yes, it’s ok if one of them is the goose–just tell me about its plumage).

And your reward for that feat of avian expertise?  Well, we’ll refer back to the color of the day and go with a Blu-ray, specifically that of this summer’s much-acclaimed film, Mr. Holmes. The winner will have his/her choice of Blu-ray or DVD, and I will try to accommodate the region, if possible. If you’re really good, I’ll throw in a copy of A Slight Trick of the Mind  so you can compare the two!

mr holmes bluray


As always, send your answers in via Twitter DM, Facebook PM, or blog comment, and remember…it’s cold out there! Feed the birds!


vintage bird feeding illustration



To Sharon Carter, our Day 3 winner!

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