12th Night Giveaway: Day 5

HMS Orontes of John Watson fame.

HMS Orontes of John Watson fame.

Not that I want to find out, personally, but I’m guessing that there’s a great deal of travelling going on out there today. Most of it likely involves planes, trains, and automobiles, and if you’re on the road or in the air today, I hope your travels are safe and trouble-free.

Today, ships are most commonly used for freight transport, fishing, and leisure travel. During the time that Holmes and Watson were in active practice on Baker Street, however, they were the only way to accomplish an overseas voyage. As such, they pop up quite regularly in the Canon. Today’s question has to do with two such vessels:

 Where can one find mention of the barque “Lone Star” and the steamer “Norah Creina,” and what do the two ships have in common?

Send your answers in via FaceBook PM, Twitter DM, or blog comment–and remember, if you’ve already won, you can play for a second prize…or you can play without wanting a prize at all. And speaking of prizes, this time we’re going over to the BBC part of the fandom. I am so excited to be able to offer you a “Cumberclay,” created by the lovely Vereen T. Joeng. This is a clay version of one of her famous cupcake toppers, in an acryclic case. It is a little tilted in the photo because I didn’t want to open it, but trust me, it is adorable!*

Ah! He's so cute!

Ah! He’s so cute! (Larger photo so you can really see it)

As always, just send in your answers via FaceBook PM, Twitter DM, or blog comment. Remember, you can win twice in the regular drawings, and full rules can be found in the blog entry for 20 December.


* Just in case you don’t win, but would love a “Clay” of your own (and they’re not just of Benedict), you can visit Vereen’s blog for information on what she has available and ordering at the link. They were shockingly affordable, and she ships quickly and securely: http://cumberclay.com/

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