Twelfth Night Giveaway: Day 11 (Part 2)

Well, here it is Day 11…again.

I Got You, Babe....

I Got You, Babe….

No. No, I don’t think so….


What is that creature, John?


No idea, Sherlock.







Many of us vow to get organized in the New Year. You’re probably wondering how to display all of the cute little animal pictures you’ve got lying around. Perhaps you need easy access to newspaper clippings, pizza coupons, and candids of Jeremy Brett. Or, I suppose, your children’s artwork.

You can see where this is going, can’t you?

Yes, today’s prize is another set of Sherlock Holmes-themed magnets, similar to the last, but this time with the Frederic Dorr Steele NORW (the one with the bloody print) and a Basil Rathbone as well. They’re a nice way to show your Sherlockian enthusiasm when the office code of conduct doesn’t permit pipe-smoking or cocaine. To win, just send your comment, FaceBook PM, or Twitter DM with the answer to this question:

How does Sherlock know John and Mrs. Hudson have been looking for drugs in the flat on what they believe might be a “danger night?”  (BBC Sherlock)

Thanks again for playing, and best of luck!

Not the exact set, but John had to go back to the North Pole, and could no longer serve as my spokesmodel.

Not the exact set, but John had to go back to the North Pole, and could no longer serve as my spokesmodel.

Day 11 (1) Winner!

Congratulations to Simon Hetherington, who knew that Christopher Morley described “The Blue Carbuncle” as “Surely one of the most unusual things in the world. A Christmas Story without slush.”  Morley then goes on to regret that Charles Dickens did not live to read it, for he might have learned something from its “economy and skill.” Of course, one might argue (as several of you did) that BLUE does contain a bit of holiday “slush,” but at least Holmes has the good grace to be a trifle embarrassed about it.


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4 responses to “Twelfth Night Giveaway: Day 11 (Part 2)

  1. They messed up his “sock index.” 😀 (I was just thinking about this line the other day.)

  2. Noreen Pazderski

    Sherlock knows because his sock index has been disrupted.

  3. got my photo today. Thanks!

  4. James O'Leary

    Ugh! Making me watch “Sherlock” again for 12thNG.115! Sorry, I’m in a disputatious mood today. I guess that explains the cherrywood bubble pipe. I like “Sherlock”, but watching it often in a short space of time just highlights, to me, its weaknesses. Someone on-line said “Sherlock” falls towards the realm of magic realism. I never thought of it that way, but it would explain the casual, and stylish, unreality that, in “Doctor Who” for example, we overlook and don’t even notice. How else can one explain how Cumberbatch can arrive at 221B carrying a harpoon and covered in pig’s from the Tube? After 7/7? I’m all for British “stiff upper lip” but at the least he would have been arrested and worst shot and killed by a bobby like that Brazilian mistaken for a terrorist. Or Cumberbatch being able to leave the country, without Freeman or “he is the British Government” Gatiss knowing, infiltrate a terrorist cell in Pakistan, kill all the terrorists, find a body so like Pulver’s to fool Gatiss a second time, all just to tack on a prince-to-the-rescue ending to make the fangirls weak in the knees?
    Disputatious, sorry. Cumberbatch comes back to the flat from the morgue, narrows those dreamy eyes of his, looks around and just knows they’ve been messing his sock index! He must notice things subtly out of place. Maybe he realized Gatiss’ Christmas cigarette was a test.
    I hope my mood didn’t make me miss something cleaver Cumberbatch said later in the show to explain how he knew. I do want the 100% score.