12th Night Giveaway: Day 9

Special Note:

Well, we’re in the home stretch now, but remember, the game goes on until January 6th, because I just had to include Christmas Eve….  Also, because the January 6th prize is really kind of exciting, I’ll be lifting the “you can only win once” rule for that day, so everyone can participate.  Hopefully you don’t all own it yet!*

Amazing what you can find on eBay....

Amazon Delivery at 221B

But, as today has enough trouble of its own….**

Let’s start the New Year off right with a little Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce. I’d never seen the Rathbone/Bruce movies until this (now past) year, although I vaguely remember hearing my father talk about seeing them when he was a boy. My husband prefers the quieter, more cerebral Rathbone; couch-jumping and coffee-table stepping don’t fit his idea of the Great Detective, and he is immune to the charms of floppy hair and Belstaf coats. Although most of the Rathbone films take place in the 20th century (the Victorian ones are my favorites), the main characters are recognizably Holmes and Watson, and while we know that Watson wasn’t bumbling, as Nigel Bruce plays him, the actor’s portrayal is so charming, innocent, and incredibly loyal, that it’s easy to forgive him tripping over everything, or telling a story using vegetables.

Rehearsing with the Baskerville stunt doubles...

Rehearsing with the truly vicious Baskerville stunt doubles…

Is Basil Rathbone your Holmes? Then today’s prize is for you! On offer is a promotional photo (unautographed, sorry) of Rathbone and Bruce in costume. I like it because, while Bruce has his customary “what-was-that-noise” face, Rathbone is looking right out at you, vaguely amused. You can be entered to win (and be the envy of all your friends) if you can answer this question. It might require a little digging:

Which bizarre villain in the Rathbone/Bruce film, “The Pearl of Death” is echoed in BBC Sherlock (name or describe the character in each)?

As always, send your answer via the blog comments section, or PM on FaceBook (I’ve had some trouble with Twitter DMs). Happy New Year!  May your 2013 prove your best year yet–but not your best year ever!

John has faith that you can find the answer!

John has faith that you can find the answer!

Day 8 Winner!

Congratulations to Joe Riggs, who knew the rather disgusting fact that, to a medical professional, a carbuncle is a skin infection, larger than a boil, which has roots deep in the skin and involves…pus.  As far as I can tell, they’re not blue.

*Who am I kidding? I’ve seen photos of your bookshelves….

**Want to see some more?


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3 responses to “12th Night Giveaway: Day 9

  1. James O'Leary

    Oooh, you are the clever one with 12thNG.09! I felt a bit like Cumberbatch been lead around by Andrew Scott in “The Great Game”. The Golem, giant man made of clay from Jewish legend, is also the name of one of the deadliest assassins in the world, Oskar Dzundza. He squeezes the like out of his victims with his bare hands. He, of course, call to mind the Hoxton Creeper, who likes to break the third lumbar vertebrae of his victims. The Creeper, as he is affectionately known to his friends, is, like the Golem of old, a giant of a man with a face only a mother of a Golem could love–and a picture of which you cleverly planted as a clue on the 12thNG.03 post.

  2. Mary Loving

    Is it the Creeper inspiring the Golem in the BBC Sherlock episode The Great Game?

  3. Barbara Roden

    Rondo Hatton played ‘The Hoxton Creeper’ (or the Creeper) in ‘The Pearl of Death’, where he was a villainous hired killer of immense strength whose modus operandi was to break victims’ backs. In ‘The Great Game’ John Lebar plays the ‘Golem’, a villainous hired killer of immense strength whose modus operandi was to strangle his victims. Lebar’s ‘look’ as the Golem seems a deliberate attempt to invoke Hatton as the Creeper.