Twelfth Night Giveaway: Day 6

I love Granada’s Sherlock Holmes.* Absolutely love it. It’s like the warm, cozy blanket of Sherlock Holmes series. If BBC Sherlock is the date who makes your head reel with clever conversation while whitewater rafting, Granada Holmes snuggles with you on a plush couch in front of a roaring fire. With a giant olive-green afghan and some kind of shawl-thing. And a scarf.

Because, you know, the house is freezing, Watson!

Because, you know, the house is freezing, Watson!

Of all the Granada episodes, “The Empty House” is my favorite. I will never get tired of seeing Holmes throw off his disguise and ask Watson if he can “smoke a cigarette in your consulting room.” And I always rewind the moment in which Mrs. Hudson sees him in the hallway mirror and then falls into his arms…while he pats her back very…awkwardly.

Holmes isn't very good at this touching reunion stuff.

Holmes isn’t very good at this touching reunion stuff.

So I’m very happy to put up, for the sixth prize, a still promo photograph from “The Empty House,” showing Holmes and Watson (Brett and Hardwicke) post-faint. Obviously brandy has marvelous curative powers.

You won't be seeing much more of that office, Watson.

You won’t be seeing much more of that office, Watson.

Again, it’s not autographed, but it would still be a lovely addition to your office decor. Or your mantle, or your collection of family photos in the hallway. For your chance to win, just answer this question:

What strange object serves as a kind of Christmas tree at 221B?

(Hint: This is a Granada-only question. And it’s not from the Blue Carbuncle.)

As always, send your answer via blog comment, Twitter DM or FaceBook PM, and I’ll draw from the winning answers.  Previous winners are not eligible, just to be fair, although everyone will be able to play for the January 6th prize. Thanks again for all of your interest and support, and good luck to all!

Day 5 Winner!

The winner of the magnet set was Shiela Elder, who knew that Mycroft gave Sherlock this bitter piece of advice: “All lives end. All hearts are broken. Caring is not an advantage, Sherlock.”


*If you haven’t been fortunate enough to watch this series, I cannot recommend it highly enough. The boxed set is expensive, but it’s deep discounted on Amazon at least once per year. You can watch it on Netflix, where it’s always on DVD, and occasionally for streaming…or, for free, on Youtube, thanks to generous souls who have downloaded every episode.


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2 responses to “Twelfth Night Giveaway: Day 6

  1. James O'Leary

    I was able to find the whole episode of “The Cardboard Box” posted on youtube. “What’s that?” asks Brett, pointing to what looks like the very top of an evergreen tree in a pot sitting on the table. Hardwicke: “That is a Christmas Tree. It’s a Norway Spruce.” Of course, Brett finds that “sprucing up” his chemistry equipment with balls and ribbons is a much better substitute. If this is a correct answer, “No photographs, please.” Leave my name out of the basket for 12thNG.06

  2. Holmes’s chemistry set. 😉