Twelfth Night Giveaway: Day 2

Milverton, naughty...Moriarty, naughty, von Gruner, naughty....

Milverton, naughty…Moriarty, naughty…von Gruner, naughty….

Merry Christmas! No matter what (or if) you celebrate, hope everyone is having a nice, relaxing, hysteria-free day!  And if, for the fiftieth year in a row, you still didn’t get a pony, here’s your chance for a nice little something for yourself. Provided, of course, you answer the question:

How does Holmes know that Henry Baker doesn’t have the gas “laid on” in his house? 

(Hint: You can find this either in a Granada episode, or the Canon…in a very seasonal story.) 

Correct answers will be entered into a drawing for this high-quality 8×10 photograph of Jeremy Brett, who played Sherlock Holmes for 10 years-worth of Granada episodes, and for many of us is the quintessential Victorian Holmes.  Unfortunately, the photo is not autographed, but as you can see, it belongs in a frame on your desk….

Honestly, you're lucky I haven't mysteriously "forgotten" this one.

Honestly, you’re lucky I haven’t mysteriously “forgotten” this one.

In keeping with the Giveaway Rules (see, please send me your answer privately, via a blog comment (they’re moderated, so only I see them), a FaceBook PM, or a Twitter DM.  I’ll draw the winner’s name from the list of correct answers, and post it with the next day’s question! Have fun!


!!!!!!!!!!!Today’s Winner!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh–and our Day 1 Winner?  Madeline Quinones, who correctly guessed “Gamages”!  Congratulations, Madeline!!  Please send me your address, and I’ll mail your prize!

For more information on Gamages, a once famous department store, known for its toy catalogue, see:

For an entertaining Christmas clip from “The Cardboard Box,” see:


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3 responses to “Twelfth Night Giveaway: Day 2

  1. James O'Leary

    “One tallow stain, or even two, might come by chance; but, when I see no less than five, I think that there can be little doubt that the individual must be brought into frequent contact with burning tallow – walks upstairs at night probably with his hat in one hand and a guttering candle in the other. Anyhow, he never got tallow stains from a gas jet. Are you satisfied?” Thank you Searching for Sherlock website for allowing me to cut and paste the Canon. Please leave my name out of the grab-hat for 12thNG.02. I esteem Jeremy Brett’s performance but in this instance “The work is its own reward.” Merry Christmas!

  2. shiela elder

    the stains of candle wax on the hat